My Xcode Setup

I do a fair amount of iOS development using Xcode, so I thought I would share my current Xcode setup. The plugins I use significantly improve »

CodeRacer Samples Now On GitHub!

CodeRacer now pulls its samples from our repo on GitHub. We restructed the process of adding code samples so it would be easier for us to »

AndroidAccessors IntelliJ Plugin

When writing Android applications, one should always attempt to follow Google's Code Style Guidelines if possible. It provides consistency for developers working across multiple projects and »

CodeRacer: A Dev-Oriented Competition

Check it out at This past weekend, Viddi, Paul, and I released the initial version of CodeRacer. Considering the amount of time we spend »

IdeaAscii IntelliJ Plugin

Whenever I write Java (typically Android), I like to have a clear distinction between certain parts of each class I write. It's nice to have a »

Paladin: An Alternative Android Dependency Manager

I recently released an early build of my Android dependency manager on GitHub and also on PyPI, titled Paladin. Paladin's primary goal is to assist Android »